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Friday Poll: Pain
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Joined: 23 Sep 2005
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Location: London, England

Posted: Sat Mar 07, 2009 10:24 pm    Post subject: Friday Poll: Pain  

Apologies for the lateness but I was in A & E yesterday. I'm sure you want to hear the full story but I can't be bothered to type it. In short, minor dislocation, strained anterior ligaments and ankles the size of oranges.


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Joined: 01 Jun 2007
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Posted: Sat Mar 07, 2009 10:40 pm    Post subject:  

I hate pain. I have a really low pain threshold and it just generally sucks. I find that even naggly little injuries/problems tend to make me off-task and irritable. Like at the moment I have a pain in my toe for no apparent reason, and it's putting me off my typing, even though many other people probably wouldn't feel it.

Also, 3DG's 'Pain' is awesome. It's on my new phone already :D
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Joined: 05 Jul 2006
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Posted: Sat Mar 07, 2009 10:59 pm    Post subject:  

Pain is weakness leaving the body...

Depends what pain we're talking. Take for example the burning pain of having run a marathon. Crossing the line makes it all worth it, pain becomes euphoria, that dopamine hit that is quite rare.

Here's pain again, but a different type of pain, but again results

And then of course there is the pain in your ears from being out somewhere in the middle of a field, cold, wet, tired and then to watch a Lombard RAC rally car fly past.

Pain. It can be good...
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Joined: 22 Jul 2005
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Location: Calafell, Spain

Posted: Sun Mar 08, 2009 2:30 am    Post subject:  

I can take a bit of physical pain...but im not american...hell anyone who knows me in real life will tell you im very yankophobic...just without the scared part and more the mocking, sarcastic hatred!
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Joined: 17 Oct 2005
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Location: Where ever you need me I'll be there. Whatever you need done I'll do it. Made in the USA.

Posted: Sun Mar 08, 2009 8:29 am    Post subject:  

Guess what? I *am* an American and I *can* take pain and if you go to sleep on me *you'll* learn a deeper meaning of *pain*. :P :P

Speaking of pain and strength I cross my heart this is 100% true. My cable TV needed service recently. The guy shows up and checks things and finds the hookup outside is a disaster waiting to happen. So he installs all new connectors and splitters and puts everything in a box to keep it out of the weather. The guy who put it in first left everything exposed.

While he was working we were talking. His wife called him on the phone and it was one of those push to talk walkie-talkie Nextel thingies so I could hear both sides.

She wanted to know how to configure something in their own cable stuffs and she needed a box from one of the kid's room blah, blah, blah. Sumin in the picture I know not what exactly was heavy. So heavy he thought she wouldn't be able to handle it.

His comment was, "It's too heavy for you to push. . . " whatever whatever. She came back with "Honey, If I can push out a baby I can push this _____________ thingy.

I gestured a salute and excused myself and went back in the house. He busted out laughing at me bowing out of the area and she thought he was laughing at her. Paiaiaiainnnnn. :roll: :lol:
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Joined: 07 Jan 2006
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Posted: Sun Mar 08, 2009 9:49 pm    Post subject:  

I can actually deal with pain in most cases...think its because i've had so many injuries in my footballing career...i'd rather feel the pain to know something is wrong.
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