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Friday Poll: Music
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Posted: Tue Apr 21, 2009 4:18 am    Post subject:  

AVARiCE wrote: Aalpha what do you like? I'm actually interested.
>I like some Big Bands from the 40's/WWII era.

>I like a fair amount of 50's rock n' roll.

>I like the Beach Music, Motown, all 60's Rock and early 70s Rock which germinated in the late 60's ushering in

>70's Rock, Southern Rock. Metal from any decade.

>I like 80's pop and new age

>I like Grunge and other similars from the 90's

>Now with the net and DSL I'm into more indie stuffs than I could possibly list. They have to be running out of names for genres.

>Helen has single handedly put a huge palm print on the contents of my iPod with female fronted bands, Finnish Metal, and all such.

>Almost *any* female lead singer. I mean, it's like I tell people, who would you rather be serenaded to sleep by -


meeeoooowww prrrr prrrrr.


Or this?

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