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Ol' Popey and Condoms
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Posted: Tue Nov 23, 2010 12:36 am    Post subject: Ol' Popey and Condoms  

This one wrote itself.

Ol' Benny said that condoms are cool in some circumstances. To give him the appropriate credit, he really went all-out in his attempts to keep this statement as ungeneral and unsweeping as they come.

The media jumped on it and said that Ol' Benny had morally legalisised sodomy, or something.

The Vatican had one of their spokespeople (anyone remember the good old days when Vatican spokespeople were angels?) issue a statement to say that it wasn't a groundbreaking shift in policy.

The media jumped on it, pointing fingers and claiming that they'd never said it was but that the other losers had.

What do we think, forumites? I don't care, quite simply. I respect the Pope because of what he means to many people but some of the things that his kind have said and done are unforgivable. Unfortunately, people are retarded and being anti-God is now fashionable in a time where morals are probably the only thing preventing us from reaching the next level in our collective development.

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