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Clean-Up, Updates & Security

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Lowering the Tone Since 2005

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PostPosted: Tue Jan 19, 2010 8:09 pm    Post subject: Clean-Up, Updates & Security Reply with quote

You should all know by now but I'll state it just in case, we don't host this board. As such, we have no control over it beyond forum controls.

This leads to some crappy situations. Chief amongst them being the constant downtime and the constant security threat. To put it simply, the former is completely out of our hands and while we can't control the latter, we can take steps to prevent it.

I'm quite sure most of you received a Private Message today from LadyXAdmin who told you to go to a website. This was not a real account (certainly not an admin!) and the link was malicious. Those of you stupid enough to click links from people you don't know, congratulations on your stupidity. I'll get back to this later on, but for now here's some (brief) forum news.

We used to have a trial board section which hadn't seen any action in an age, so I've scrapped it. I've also cleaned up some of the forum (deleting threads etc). This amounts to both the "Clean-Up" and the "Updates" in the title.

To move back on to the security, however, you now know what's happened, but here's how to keep safe.

Obviously, get some decent security software behind you. But even more easily - just don't click dodgy links. You know who the admins are on this site, and if someone else tells you they're an admin don't just follow mindlessly, check with one of us first. As someone who's seen the "other side", as I'm sure many other posts here have, you'd be surprised how much damage clicking a simple link can do to you. Note: You, not just your computer. If your computer starts acting as a slave in a Child Pornography circle, you're screwed too.

I'll stop blathering on now, but please take PC security seriously and exercise common sense Smile If you've got any more questions, please PM any of the admins or start a thread, I'm locking this one. Equally, e-mail or any other form of communication is fine, my details are on my profile.

Happy 2010, douches.

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Site Administrator
Site Administrator

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Location: Newcastle,UK

PostPosted: Thu Jan 21, 2010 8:33 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Use the links below to find free resources to scan and remove viruses, and to scan and remove spyware from your computer. Includes: Free Antivirus Software, Free Online Virus Scanners, Free Virus Removal Tools for Specific Infections, Free Spyware Detection and Removal, Free Online Spyware Detection and Removal, Free Spyware Prevention, Free Firewalls, Free Rootkit Detection and Removal, Other Free Tools.

Free Antivirus Software

Important note: We highly recommends uninstalling any other antivirus software BEFORE installing another antivirus application. Antivirus programs often conflict and can cause system slowdowns, crashes, or even leave you unprotected. Here are some uninstall programs that you can download directly from the publisher's website: Symantec (Norton) | McAfee | Trend Micro

  1. Avast! Antivirus:
    Click Here for Avast! - Recommended
    Avast is light on system resources, and it's unobtrusive. For the most part it runs silently in the background. It's the only free antivirus with boot scan options. While it's our favorite free antivirus, the alarm that the detection engine sounds can be annoying, and we wish they'd remove the requirement for email registration.

    Avast could be used only by home users which do NOT use their computer for profit. If you do not meet this condition, you will need to buy a commercial license of avast!. Use it for up to 60 days before being required to register (for free) and you'll be sent a license key via email. Resident Protection: Instant Messaging, P2P shield, Internet Mail, Outlook/Exchange, Network Shield, Web Shield, Standard Shield. Compatible with Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2K/XP/Vista, 64-bit and Linux.

    1. Splashscreen

    2. Program Interface

    3. Virus detected

  2. Anti-Vir:
    Click Here for Anti-Vir
    Anti-Vir has a clean and pleasant interface. It has a small footprint and is easy on system resources. It also consistently ranks near the top of all antiviruses in detection rates. So why isn't it our top recommendation? It's a free product, but aggressively promotes the paid version. For example, a pop-up is displayed after running updates (shown below). Compatible with Windows NT/2K/XP/Vista, 64-bit and Linux.

    This free AntiVirŪ Personal Edition is intended exclusively for private use on a single workstation. You may copy the complete program package and pass it on to others for private use only. The free AntiVirŪ Personal Edition may not be used for commercial or professional purposes.

    1. Control Center

    2. Nag screen pop-up

    3. Virus detected

  3. AVG:
    Click Here for AVG
    AVG was among the first of the free antivirus products offered, and has long been a favorite of this site and others. However, their detection rates are consistently testing at the bottom of these free antivirus applications. They've also had a number of problems with their update servers recently. While AVG is still a good choice, it's at the bottom of our recommendations. Compatible with Windows 98/ME/NT/2K/XP/Vista, 64-bit and Linux.

    Antivirus Protection Freeware for HOME use on personal computer only.
    1. AVG Free Edition is a FREE product. There is no warranty and no technical support available unless you purchase a technical support agreement.
    2. You may install and use only one copy of the Software for single home or office computer protection only, irrespective of the number of times you download the Software or the number of licenses you purport to accept.
    3. You may not use the Software on a network or more than one PC.

    1. Test Center

    2. Virus detected


Free Online Virus Scanners

  1. Panda Active scan Very easy to use. High detection rate. Detects rootkits. No removal.

  2. Panda NanoScan (beta) Promises quick one minute scans. Only detects active infections. Beware, still in beta.

  3. Panda TotalScan (beta) Vista compatible. Future replacement for Active scan. Removal with registration. Beware, still beta.

  4. Kaspersky Online Scanner Easy to use. Excellent detection rate. Cannot disinfect. Slow scanning. Slow updating.

  5. Trend Micro Housecall Easy to use. High detection rate. Does NOT require ActiveX.

  6. Eset Online Scanner Recently out of beta, uses the very fine ESET detection engine.

  7. BitDefender Online Scanner Easy to use. High detection rate.

  8. Symantec Security Check Easy to use. High detection rate.

  9. McAfee freescan Easy to use. High detection rate. Cannot disinfect.

  10. eTrust Antivirus Web Scanner Easy to use. High detection rate.

  11. F-Secure Online Virus Scanner Easy to use. High detection rate. Detects & removes rootkits.

  12. ArcaOnline Scanner High detection rate. Buggy interface. Must be added to trusted zone in IE.

  13. Authentium Command On Demand Easy to use. High detection rate. Very light resources. Cannot disinfect.

Free Virus Removal Tools for Specific Infections

  1. From Symantec
  2. From BitDefender
  3. From Panda
  4. From ESET

Free Spyware Detection and Removal

  1. SUPERAntiSpyware Despite the rogue sounding name, this boasts one of the best detection and removal engines available. - Recommended

  2. AVG Anti-Spyware Free Edition Formerly Ewido Antispyware, now renamed by AVG. Still a very competent free scanner, and a worth your consideration.

  3. Spyware Doctor (Google Pack Free Edition) Excellent detection rates, well reviewed antispyware software, but only available for free when installed using Google Pack.

  4. Windows Defender Microsoft's free antivirus application. Now included with Windows Vista. Unlike most free products, it also includes free support (2 incidents).

  5. AdAware 2007 A shiny new interface, and updated to work with Vista, but the same old detection results. The marketing of the paid version is also too visible in the 2007 edition. Okay for basic threats, but it should not be your only spyware protection.

  6. Spybot S&D 1.5 Updated to work with Vista, but little else can be said about this application that's showing its age. Out dated interface, and detection engine. Often buggy. Loyalists may be the only users of this once fine program.

Free Online Spyware Detection and Removal

  1. Ewido Online Malware Scan Easy to use. Detects & removes trojans, spyware, adware etc.

  2. a-squared Web Malware Scanner Easy to use. Detects & removes trojans, spyware, adware etc.

  3. Windows Live OneCare Safety Scan Easy to use. Detects & removes trojans, spyware, adware etc. Slow scanning.

  4. Full Service Scan for Windows Vista Easy to use. Vista comaptible. Very slow.

  5. Prevx CSI [color="#red]NEW[/color] - Requires a download, but no install. Good detection rate, some false positives (flagged suspicious).

Free Spyware Prevention

  1. Spyware Blaster Does NOT scan or detect spyware, it does prevents it from being installed. Uses a blocklist and no computer resources to run. Paid version adds automatic updating. - Recommended

  2. Spyware Guard Real-time protections against spyware. Designed to use along side Spyware Blaster. Offers signature-based scanning for known spyware and heuristic/generic detection capabilities to catch new/mutated spyware.

  3. WinPatrol 2007 WinPatrol is like a watch dog for your computer. It watches programs running on your PC (including the hidden ones) and alerts you if a program tries to install something unexpected, sets itself to run on startup, change your home page or install something it shouldn't.

  4. All-Seeing Eye The program consists of a collection of tools that monitor important areas of your computer, areas in which spyware and other malicious programs practically always leave some kind of trace when they sneak into your computer.

  5. ThreatFire [color="#red]NEW[/color] - Fast standard scanning, good behavior based detection (not signature), easy to use.

Free Firewalls

    Note: Do NOT run more than ONE firewall.

  1. Comodo Free Firewall Easy to use. Nice looking interface. Impressive performance. - Recommended

  2. Sunbelt-Kerio A terrific free firewall, but aggressive marketing, and confusing license terms, "Sunbelt Personal Firewall 4 can run in a free mode vs. a full (paid) mode. Install it now, and for the first 30 days it will run in 'full' mode. After that, it shuts down selected features, but will continue to run in 'free' mode'."

  3. Zone Alarm A powerful firewall, but bloated and often buggy software. Many features of the pro version are removed from the free version.

Free Rootkit Detection and Removal
Sophos Anti-Rootkit
AVG Anti-Rootkit Free


Other Free Tools
VirusTotal Single file upload virus scanning and submission
Jotti's Scanner Another site to submit sample files for detection and submission to security publishers
Norman Sandbox Live Upload a suspicious file to this sandbox and get a detail analysis
Sunbelt CWSandbox Sunbelt Research's sandbox
System Safety Monitor Help you to protect your computer from harmful programs. Very comprehensive.
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Site Administrator
Site Administrator

Joined: 05 Jul 2006
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PostPosted: Tue Apr 06, 2010 2:09 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

I'd just like to reiterate all what has been said so far in this thread, as today I got the following private message today :-


Dear, Minty!

Spam sending from your computer was detected.
We highly recommend you to check your computer and perform online virus check at our site immediately: Link removed to prevent stupid people from demostrating Darwinism in action
If you do not pass this test we will have to delete your account and forward a complaint to your ISP with attached log file (your IP address, etc.).

Forum Administration

In short, the above message is worthy of nothing more than hitting the delete button.
I should update my sig. What to put here for $CurrentYear ?
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