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Gun Control Laws

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PostPosted: Fri Jan 11, 2013 3:02 am    Post subject: Gun Control Laws Reply with quote

This isn't exactly current, the last big news story about it was a little while ago now, but it is still fairly prevalent.

Given that I am an Australian, most of the people here are British and the country at the centre of the debate is America, it's possible that we will all just agree and go home, but I am curious to see if there are any supporters of the current system for weapons regulation in the US around here.

I've been having the discussion with a few internet friends in America that are very attached to their weapons and the bulk of the argument is as follows:
- There are some weapons control laws in America, typically you need a BG check and the average person cannot own automatic weapons. Beyond that anyone not deemed a threat can own firearms including rifles, shotguns and pistols/handguns.
- Pro guns points are; to defend family; if you outlaw guns only outlaws will have them; guns dont kill people, people do; 2nd amendment rights (I think that's the right amendment).

I've had counter points to pretty much any point made in favour of allowing firearms to be available to the average citizen, mostly based around examples from my own country. I would propose (if I were in the US political system) that laws for control be drafted along the lines of:
- Any weapon with full automatic capability built in should only be available for military and specialist law enforcement
- Any weapon or accessories that allow for an ammunition capacity of greater than 15 rounds as standard should be restricted to law enforcement or professional use (possibly sporting use). Specifically, this means magazine capacity or belt fed weapons. Under this provision the accessories are the target rather than the weapon system, eg. Glock pistol mags range from 6 to 33 rounds, this provision would restrict the sale of the high capacity mags, not the glock pistols.
- Semi-automatic weapons with a capacity of greater than 5 rounds should be restricted to sporting and professional use.
- All other firearms are restricted to bona fide hunting, sporting or professional use.

Now Im not a lawyer, nor a weapons expert (I have some knowledge and experience with firearms, but only within the specific systems I have used incl assault rifles and pistols) so above section would need a legal team to review it and sort out to loop holes, the overall point being to restrict weapons availability to only those with a legitimate use for them, and I do not believe that "In case I need to defend myself from a bad guy with a gun" is a legitimate reason (If someone wants to argue that point I will be glad to expand on my reasoning for that).

So, if you have made it this far into my opening post, what do you guys think about gun control debate? Is there anyone here that advocates the ownership of firearms by all citizens?
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PostPosted: Fri Jan 11, 2013 6:00 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

I don't own a gun to defend myself with, but if i did, I could see things from both sides. Who's to say a kid or someone wouldn't get a hold of it; we all know how sneaky people and kids can be. Gun safe you say? OK then, if you have your gun locked up how the hell are you gonna get to it in time to defend yourself? It's a contradiction of all kinds of sorts, so that's why i don't own one. you need guns to keep you safe, but to keep gun safety to the max, you're automatically compromising it. it's a lose-lose situation. now to have them for sport is entirely different. you can keep them safe until you need to go to the range or hunting grounds so that other people don't have access to them. I dont know. its hard for me to hold any stance on it because there's a lot of crazy people out there and the numbers are growing by the minute. whos to say i wouldnt go crazy if i owned a gun? its a scary thought, but its also scary if someone breaks in with a weapon and you're defenseless. ok im done ranting now because i keep going in circles with myself lol. i think thats why its so hard for someone to come up with a solid law on it that works for everyone.
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