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Majestic 12: Daybreak

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PostPosted: Sat Mar 09, 2013 4:22 pm    Post subject: Majestic 12: Daybreak Reply with quote

New spin on the Area 51 conspiracy, it's fiction pure and simple but a good read. Available on Amazon.

Basic premise is that it wasn't a space craft that crashed in 1947, certainly wasn't a weather balloon, but was in fact a time craft or time capsule.

Here is an excerpt from the sequel, currently in the works:

Four hundred and eighty miles, almost eight hours on the road, and his was one of the shorter trips. So why did it feel so dang long?
“Keep your feet on your side and turn that game down!”
Oh yeah, that’s why. David closed out of the game and pulled up the map on his phone. Had they really only made it to Elk City? Three hundred and fifty eight miles to go, six more grueling hours. He hoped his battery would hold up.
“Now what are you doing?”
“Checking to see if there are any good body dumps along this highway.”
“Ha Ha. I hope your battery dies.”
“If I were you I wouldn’t be in such a hurry for it to happen.”
“Why’s that?”
“Cause this phone is the only thing keeping you alive.”
“That’s enough over there! How about some music?”
It wasn’t really a question and soon his dad had country music blaring out of the speakers. David grimaced and put in his ear phones. His phone probably didn’t have enough juice to override the truck’s system but it was certainly worth a try. Meggan just grinned.
Why did he have to be the only one in his family with more refined musical tastes? For that matter why was he the only one in his family who liked computer games, read science fiction, or had the power to walk through walls? The answer to the latter, according to Dr. Steven Phillips of the mysterious Majestic 12, was that their gene for doing so had never been activated.
Apparently some genes required triggers, like people who were genetically predisposed to alcoholism or diabetes. Under a specific set of conditions the disease would arise, but otherwise they might go their whole lifetime without experiencing it. Which had begged the question what was the trigger? David suspected that if the good doctor had known the answer to that one there would have been a lot more than six empowered kids running loose.
David was no expert on genetics but he had a feeling that the real answer was much more complicated anyway. Who ever had sent their ancestors’ embryos back through time to 1947 would not have left their activation at the proper time to chance and a roll of the dice. The planning and the technology involved were just too great. Then there was the fact that they had all become active more or less on the same day, certainly the same week – coincidence? He didn’t think so. It was by design.
Of course figuring out the specific trigger wasn’t that big a deal to David. He was far more interested in figuring out the why. Why twelve embryos? Why send them to 1947? Why activate them now? Were there as many as six other kids out there, active? Or could there be even more? And just what were they supposed to prevent?
He glanced at the map again; three hundred and fifty two miles to go. This was shaping up to be one of the longest trips of his life.
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