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WOW WOW and double WOW

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Nicest Guy In The Universe/Site Admin
Nicest Guy In The Universe/Site Admin

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PostPosted: Sat Sep 10, 2011 2:33 am    Post subject: WOW WOW and double WOW Reply with quote

No not world of warcraft. What a week I've had. My hard drive died a week ago


I just installed a wireless router - finally on 23aug. It took three models to get the right one and about a week or 10 days to get there.

So I could access the net, file for unemployment, read and answer email on me iPod.

AND!!! I subscribed to Carbonite a month before that. It took about 2 or 3 weeks to do the initial backup. My only beef with them is that if I can't restore my bkup with in 30 days of the last back up, they assume the stuff is deleted and erase the bkup.

to prevent that I have to go into the "infocenter" and change my status to "Freeze." the bloody infocenter is on my dead hard drive.

That's like telling me I have lower the volume on the TV before I turn it on. ANNNNNND I emailed them a week ago to ask why isn't it possible to do this from the remote access screen on the net which is turned on and is accessable - not a word from them.

Guess who won't be re-subscribing to Carbonite next year.

ANYWAY. . . . .

I may have over reacted to the dead HDD. It may not be the HDD but the OS. It never occured to me press F10 and go in recovery mode. I just assumed the drive was dead because it made no sound.

So I bought a new 500gb SATA drive, got it off the UPS truck, went to connect it and THERE'S NO 4 PIN POWER CONNETOR!!!!! WTF!!!! So I called Tiger and the twit on the phone said I'd have to take it up with Western Digital. He knew less than I did. He should have known as a PC geek there are 2 power connections blah, blah, blah.


I found out that empty piano connection, the one where the contacts look like piano keys is the SATA power conn. All I need is an adapter.

I went to north Raleigh 20 or so miles away to the only PC supplier in sight and got an adapter. The package said "SATA to Molex P4 Female connector"

Now for you connector n00bs, going TO a P4 Female connector means you are going to it with a MALE connector. Not in this case. The Molex plug on my adapter was ALSO !!!WTF!!! FEMALE.


I've just had an epiphany. I'm going to breed computers.

Finally it dawned on me to see what Radio Shack has. They had exactly what I needed, 7miles away and for $3.49

The connector I bought for $8 was in a blister pack and you could see throgh the barely transparant plastic and see what looked like pins. Given the package I didn't feel compelled the look up the skirt so to speak to see if it was male or female.


I got the right adapter, and got the new HDD hooked up. My WindowsXP OS is now restored (it was restoring while I typed this post) and the screen is on the Welcome to MS thank you blah, blah,blah.

It played for several minutes the coolest, most soothing groove deluxe chill music and I really need it.

Right now I'm going to leave it there and go get some free hotdogs at a local business. It's their annual customer appreciation day.

Next I will be setting up my brand new PC then getting carbonite to return it to it's old state as of a week ago.

later dudes and dudettes.

{edited by moi - aalpha} Well I missed the hotdogs, par for the course lately. They closed up shop at least an hour early this year.

I went out and got pizza, shoulda gone alone and got 3 or 4 beers. I have forgotten all the stuff that has to be addressed when setting up a new OS. Time, number, date formats, time zones, Daylight savings which is allmost year round now. OMG power management, wallpaper, My Computer on the desktop - it is literally endless.

They need to have 2 time displays, the one they want it to be and what is actually is as Jesus would call it.

I got Carbonite going and I just don't see it. In Outlook Express, you can back up email all day long. But guess what? OE does not have a restore function not even a viewer to let you see email you've back up!!! WTF!!!

I noticed when I got new mail or deleted mail Carbo would backup the inbox or sent box or any other box that got changed. Now I'll get to find out if Carbo is going to restore all my mail, boxes, rules for routing mail etc.

When I sat down to edit this post, Carbo had restored ~700-800 files with 7 files listed as restore errors. Hmmm let's see, inbox 1 sent 2 deleted 3 from 4 to 5 zgk 6, huh, I got way more the 7 boxes. From and To belong to email from and to Helen, zgk is job related emails etc.

The bad news is Carbo has restored 1720 files but says it has 48 hours to go.

If I wait 48+ hours and my stuff ain't just like I last saw it, I am driving to where ever Carbo's business office is and you will know all about it in your local newscast.

Just for laughs I looked in Program Files to see how old the copy of iTunes that came with this PC is. The version was 4.7 and the lastest one I just put on my cousin's laptop is 10.4.

OH NO!!!! The estimated "Time Remaining" just went from 48 hours to "a few days" And Lord help me Jesus, it says 3% is complete. Shocked

Well let me go, I've got to clean all the guns Twisted Evil . . . . .WW

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Site Administrator
Site Administrator

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PostPosted: Tue Sep 27, 2011 12:39 pm    Post subject: Re: WOW WOW and double WOW Reply with quote

aalpha wrote:

No not world of warcraft. What a week I've had. My hard drive died a week ago

Why not? - you can play for free up to level 20 now I think Razz

Brilliant story though aalpha Very Happy - love it Very Happy
I should update my sig. What to put here for $CurrentYear ?
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